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A soft mint glaze covers serene fronds moving up the side of the warmer in a linear pattern. The grey silicone dish sits on a metal warming plate. The warming plate quickly warms the dish to release the fragrance from scented wax melts.

Mint Leaf Flip Dish Wax Warmer

  • USE: The silicone dish sits on a metal warming plate. The dish allows for simple, easy removal of cooled fragrance wax by simply popping it out! The 90cm cord features an easy on/off dial switch.

    EASY HOME FRAGRANCE: Forget changing bulbs or struggling to get your wax out of ceramic dishes. This warmer never needs a bulb change. It heats the wax using a warming plate! The silicone dish cools quickly for safer handling. Once wax is completely cooled, it can be popped out of the silicone with ease!

    The warmer is 12.7cm tall and 8.9cm in diameter (5'' x  3.5'')

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